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We will certainly gather your given name, surname and also email address when you send an assistance question or general query, to allow us to refer you.

Just on the data source of this website are your individual data stored as well as no other copies are saved.

GDPR accredited and also compliant is our Webhost (https://hosting.io) for you to feel confident that you have safe info.

Google Analytics

To track site visitors on this site, we use Google Analytics.

To collect this information, Google Analytics uses cookies.

Google consisted of a data processing amendment in order to comply with the brand-new governing modifications in respect of GDPR.

The data we accumulate will certainly be anonymously refined and the element “information sharing” has actually been shut off.

Ask for Freedom of Information

Below are all data stored on our internet site. The complying with details.

Select the information that the website owner wants to anonymize to make sure that it is no more connected to your e-mail address. It is the duty of the site proprietor to act upon your demand.

You will certainly obtain an email verification when your information is anonymised.


Demand Your user data right to accessibility

You can download your data from the data topic.
Upon requesting your information, a dual opt-in confirmation email is sent out to the customer then an XML or JSON documents is produced which will certainly be emailed to him with an expiration time of 48 hours to download and install.

Ask for modification as well as issue

In order to correct data or file a problem, the data topic might send a demand.
When the customer demands, a double e-mail with a confirmation alternative is sent out to the manager’s table.

Requests Table & Rights of Data Subject

You can submit a demand to delete from the website to the information topic.

The data subject will certainly receive a confirmation e-mail when the ask for removal is made.

The customer demand is added to the Administrator’s request table after verification by email.

If the Information Topic includes content released on the website for any sort of post or remark, it will be included in the table. When they have no web content, they will certainly obtain an erasure request verification as well as a 6 number Token will certainly be supplied for safety after erasure in the case of data recovery demands.

The requests table permits the manager to reassign or delete any type of content from a various customer.

The components of the information topic will be made anonymous in the event of comments.

Admin can add users manually with a hands-on e-mail search to the erasure demand table.