What's A Software Based Phone System?

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Also Known As A Softphone

What Is A Softphone?

No Need For Landline

Remove added cost, unreliable calls - limited connection and inflexible working conditions today - Opera Telecom Group can offer fast, effective

Quick Set Up & Excellent Customer Service

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, individual extensions for your team members means clean, direct communications with one click of a button

Fully Integrated System

3CX works with all applications for use on mobile or desktop - integrated into your CRM in a few short clicks for fast and effective communications

Allows For Remote Working

Freedom & flexibility are the main functions of our 3CX system. Allowing you and your team to work remotely - via 4G or Internet coverage

Save Up To 80% On Bills

Removing the cost of landlines dramatically reduces your costs, and with Opera Gold you can combine all your communications in one place

Multiple Functions - Phone, Video, Conference calls

With our 3CX system you are able to access, video calls, telephone calls, in and outgoing, conference calls and so much more in one easy step

Track Your Teams Progress

Our dashboard shows how your team are taking calls, length of time on calls, how they work and effective practices. See how your team perform in live - real time

Coach & Mentor Team In Real Time

With one click of a button you are able to listen in to calls, enabling you to help coach your team and train them without ever having to loose a lead - watch your conversion increase with this state of the art function!

Bring Your Communications Up To Date - Today

If you are looking to save money, increase productivity and have seamless reliable communications then look no further than our 3CX system.

Contact one of our team today for your tailor made package suitable for your team.

Now is the time to choose better communications for you and your business!