What Is 3cx?

A Buyers Guide To 3CX And All You Need To Know

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What is 3CX?

3CX is a software-based, open-standard phone system based on the SIP protocol.

It works with a variety of phone devices and also includes on-line web browser extensions and mobile applications.

A significant benefit is that the programme can be held on a remote server, on-premise (on a regional server), or both for additional resiliency.

Due to its price performance and convenience, it is frequently acknowledged as a fantastic IP PBX for smaller and larger organisations.

What is the difference between PBX and IP PBX?

An exclusive telephone network within a corporation or organisation is called a PBX (Exclusive Branch Exchange).

A traditional PBX system includes standard telephone lines and also terminals that permit it to attach to the PSTN via endpoint devices such as phones as well as fax machines. With a common PBX, an organisation is limited to a certain variety of outside phone lines as well as internal tools and also extensions.

An IP PBX (Internet Procedure Private Branch Exchange) is a PBX system with IP connection that includes sound, video clip, and instantaneous messaging in addition to other communication functions. An IP PBX sustains an endless variety of expansions and lines, in addition to sophisticated features that are impossible to execute with a traditional PBX. To summarise, an IP PBX is a system that adds IP VoIP performance to an earlier PBX system.

The essential differences in between a PBX and an IP PBX are exactly how they attach users and also the solutions they supply.

A PBX manages standard and physical lines of interaction, whereas IP PBX systems utilize IP technology to make and handle interactions.

An analogue PBX can just change and manage telephone call, however an IP PBX can move and also take care of phone calls, data, as well as other audio as well as video services.

Because many modern-day phone systems are expected to be IP-based, the terms PBX and IP PBX are regularly interchanged. 

Lots of organisations using analogue phone systems are proactively looking to replace them with brand-new IP-based choices. Companies are likewise anxious to move from ISDN to SIP Trunks as the ISDN switchoff approaches.

Any company can gain from an effective phone system.

3CX is a system that gives every one of the advantages of contemporary phone systems at a fraction of the cost of several others. It’s a remarkable solution for modern-day organisations of practically any type of dimension due to the fact that it’s flexible, scalable, as well as feature-rich.

Fully Flexible

Softphones as well as browser-based web customers can be accessed from nearly any kind of device.


Save money on your workplace phone costs as well as quit paying for inter-office phone calls.

A solitary tenant

Every firm has its own secure circumstances of 3CX organized by us.

Multiple Intergrations

Connect to typical CRMs and web browsers to save time and money.

Easy set up & integration

To begin with 3CX, you'll require a web link, a 3CX licence, as well as a SIP Trunk.

Mounting 3CX is a simple browser-based process, yet if you want a genuinely simple arrangement, you ought to check out a committed as well as suggested SIP Trunk service provider (of which Opera Telecom is among one of the most recommended).

Integrating with other systems is easy, as well, thanks to well-documented procedures for getting in touch with CRM systems like Salesforce.

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Integrated Communications

3CX is a total Unified Communications remedy, which means it includes CRM administration, messaging, calls, live conversation, web conferencing, iOS and also Android applications, e-mail, as well as much more along with telephone call.

This remedy eliminates the prices as well as management headaches connected with a "old" phone system, in addition to the restrictions of a shared cloud PBX (where all customers share the very same organizing room).

These call functions as well as features are done in one place with integration.

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Combination with CRM

Customer Relationship Monitoring, or CRM, is a software application system that aids businesses handle their connections as well as communications with customers as well as potential customers.

3CX makes it simple to attach your PBX to your CRM system, enabling you to make and log phone calls while likewise keeping track of client communications and documents across all networks.

CRMs such as HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics, and Salesforce, in addition to database applications such as Zendesk, can all be coupled with 3CX on the web server side. This indicates that the manager might incorporate the CRM without the demand for plugins or manual arrangement.

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